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red is my colour . a winter challenge communtiy

jack/ianto {winter}

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A winter challenge comm for Jack and Ianto!

· This challenge spans over the month of January. A prompt will be issued every day, either in the form of a quote, photo, or lyrics.

· As the participant, you will then be expected to respond to that prompt in any way which you see fit. You could write fic, draw something, take a picture, make crafty things: all that's important is how you tie it in with the prompt from that day.

· Once you've got your entry for that day, post it in your journal (or whichever journal you use to post fic/art/etc,) and then link to it in the comments. This saves the comm from blocking up anyone's filters. At the end of January a day-by-day list will be released to make sure nothing is overlooked.


· You don't have to necessarily complete the prompt for a specific day on the day which it was released. If you like the look of a previous entry, you're more than welcome to go back and complete the prompt at a later date. Just make sure you still post the link for your fic/art/etc in the prompt post for that date.

· Having said that, this is a challenge. If you think you can handle it, try for every day on time!

· horizonssing was such a wonderful success. I'm hoping for some even more wonderful fic to be produced over the month, ready in time for the new series!

Good luck, sweethearts!


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Red is my colour - Ianto Jones, "Reset"